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ChatHealth is a confidential help and advice tool enabling safe and secure messaging between healthcare professionals and service users.

It is an browser-based application for staff, designed to manage the clinical risks of using messaging with service users in frontline healthcare environments. A range of safety features help to ensure no message goes unanswered.

The system is designed to NHS information governance standards, providing a secure alternative to staff conducting messaging from mobile handsets. The transcribing interface promotes timely record keeping and auditability.

Service users can send SMS text messages from their own handsets in the usual way at the usual cost. Smartphone users will soon be able to download the password protected ChatHealth instant messaging (IM) app for iOS and Android devices. This will provide them with a greater degree of information security and free messaging within their data plans.

ChatHealth pulls together all service user SMS and IM messaging into a single management portal which supports team based working and triage based service delivery. Combined with assignable caseload management, this enables the delivery of industrial scale messaging enquiry services which can still ensure a personal touch.